Provide Free Tutoring for 5 Low-Income Children in Ithaca Schools.

Golden Opportunity (GO) Tutoring needs your help to provide free tutoring for 10 economically disadvantaged children in the Ithaca City School District.  With District reports showing that economically disadvantaged students are underperforming in Math and English by more than 30%, these students are in need of assistance to keep them from falling further behind.   GO has ten years of demonstrated success with one-on-one tutoring, not only improving students’ academic performance, but also building self-esteem and increasing interest in learning.

GO is an independent non-profit organization currently providing free one-on-one tutoring for 70 low-income students in grades 2-8 within the Ithaca City School District.  Children in GO’s tutoring program receive twice a week remedial assistance from dedicated tutors, most of whom are retired teachers.  These tutors often stay with children for 3-4 years and become mentors and role models – impacting students in many positive ways.

Does it work?  Annually, we ask parents and teachers of tutored children for their opinions.  In the 2014 surveys:

  • 100% of parents responding said GO helped their children “a great deal”
  • 100% of teachers responding reported that their students involved with GO were helped

Donate today to give 5 more at-risk children a chance for success in school!

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